GREETINGS. My name is Sarah Dapul-Weberman. I used to work at Pinterest as a software engineer doing work on webpage speed. Because of this, I have decided to boycott anything that would make my site run slowly. I have already saved you several precious milliseconds. You are welcome.

I am the founder and CEO of We Sell Your Data, an innovative new company that aims to make selling your personal data as simple as possible. Sign up and give us your data today.

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In reality, I recently started at Patreon working to help creatives get paid sans ads. I am also currently working on a project with the Center For Humane Technology about social media and social isolation. We're working to help product teams at large tech companies better understand and address experiences of social isolation among the people using their products. If this is a topic you're passionate about, or if you work at a large tech company and want to learn more, please get in touch!

Before Pinterest, Patreon, and We Sell Your Data, I was an intern at Google and NASA and a computer science student at Stanford, specializing in Human-Computer Interaction.

Last updated Jan 2020